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Where will you stay?

Marry Me in Crete offers accommodation for up to 34 guests into three villas within walking distance from the event location.

All three villas are fully fenced, offering a private swimming pool, modern design, outdoor furniture and absolute privacy.

What are the conditions?

Planning your wedding with us, you will only pay for the accommodation and the wedding event, but not for the wedding location. The rental price for our event location is included in the accommodation fee.

Once you get in touch, our wedding planner will contact you to handle all the arrangements for your special days.

Villa Fuerte Chania

High Quality Service

Our team have hosted guests from all over the world over the past years. Getting advantage of this experience, we have created this luxury experience paying attention to providing comfort and tranquility.

Our guests can always count on a high quality service, as this is rooted in our guest satisfaction priorities. 

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